Another Chance to Sail

Just in from Dave Brooks on Facebook “Cambria will be leaving Gravesend on the 9th Sept at 5.00 am in the morning to travel up to St Katharine Dock. There are a limited number of places priced £75.00. Travel up the Thames and a chance of seeing some of the Tall Ships. Email Cambria Trust for further details on” A bit short notice and a nice early start for you, but get in touch if you fancy it. The barge... Read More

More Detail on that AGM

Basil Brambleby assists with lowering the gear. Picture by Maggs Kelly. I have some more detail around the AGM in January as follows. Annual General Meeting To be held on Saturday 18th January 2014 at 1200 At London River House, Royal Pier Road, Gravesend, DA12 2BE   AGENDA 1. Welcome and Apologies 2. Adoption of the Agenda 3. Approval of the Minutes of the 2013 AGM held on 21st April 2013 4. Chairman’s Report 5. Operations Manager’s Report 6.... Read More

Date for Your (2014) Diary

2013 gear down, Photo by Basil Brambleby Our gear is down. I have these nice pics from Boss of Volunteers Basil. You can see that the bowsprit is now inboard (left of pic), the mainm’st and topm’st are lowered within their tabernacle and propped aft by the main horse, while the mizzen mast drops forward and is leaning on a prop by the crab winch near the photographer. The smaller spars (mizzen gaff, mizzen boom and the tops’l headstick)... Read More


An interesting picture today from Boss of Volunteers, Basil accompanied by the following write up. Cambria’s longstay, rigging by John Barber; Picture by Basil Brambleby. Basil writes that, “John Barber, since retirement from PLA has worked as a volunteer at Chatham Maritime demonstrating ‘Rigging Skills’ with special emphasis on wire splicing to the many Dockyard  visitors . As you will all know, he undertook the splicing... Read More

Notice of AGM

The New Cabin in Cambria’s hold under construction, Picture by Dave Brooks. From the Trust today comes notice of our AGM. This is your chance as a ‘stake holder’ in the barge and her goings on, to have your say in how she is run and what we are doing with her. You will also be able to meet and greet the Trust officials and hear reports on the Financial Situation and the state of play of Cambria (The Business). Boss of Volunteers,... Read More

Servicing and Shore Based Team

Catering for Volunteers I have today had a chance to publish a new page on this site, the subject of which comes largely from Nancy Brambleby and Cathy Chapman. If you slide your cursor over the ‘ABOUT’ option on the black menu bar at the top of the home page, then open the ‘Restoration’ tab you will now find, as well as the Restoration Volunteers (our list of paint brush wielders, shipwrights, sparks and chippies) there is... Read More

Last Charter of 2012

Last Charter 2012, picture by Dave Brooks. Dave Brooks has posted this lovely shot on Facebook, about which he writes, “Cambria leaving Gravesend this evening (Friday 12th Oct), bound for Faversham for the winter. Its been a satisfying season with two barge match wins a return to Pin Mill and Ipswich highlights. Thank you to all the crews who have sailed in her this season, the volunteers who have kept her going and our sponsors the Rotary... Read More

One Final Charter

Gravesend Chart; Picture by Matt Care Cambria is now getting readied for her final charter (as far as we know at present) of 2012. These last three are the Young Carer ones sponsored by The Rotary Club, the first two (now completed) were skippered by Ian Ruffles, the final one this weekend will have our Master Shipwright, Tim Goldsack in charge. After the weekend sail they will finish up in Faversham where the barge will be prepared for winter and... Read More

Too Rough for the Wall

Hull Model for the Brooks father and son modelling project, Picture by Dave Brooks. They tell me there’s been a small delay on getting the barge onto the wall and open to the public. You are ‘enjoying’ some rough ol’ weather at present, apparently and the crew returning the barge to Gravesend after the last charter were obliged to come alongside at the floating pontoon which would at least be going up and down at the same rate... Read More

A Nice Chat.

MTB Gay Archer at speed, photo from David Archer who served on a sister vessel. I have been enjoying a nice old ‘chin-wag’ via e-mail with friend of Cambria and occasional contributor, David Rye who turns out to have his own strong connections with the MTBs we mentioned yesterday. David sent me the attached picture of the ‘Gay class’ MTB Gay Archer and attaches the following notes. Says David, “Nice shot of 102. I was... Read More