A Chance to go Sailing!

Oyez Oyez! This just in from Dave Brooks, Secretary Good Morning All. An opportunity to sail aboard Cambria has arisen for the dates of 26/27 July. You will muster at Gillingham Pier at 10.00am on the 26th July for a midday departure. Sit back and enjoy a trip down the River Medway. Lunch and Evening meal will be served. 27th after breakfast a return sail back to Gillingham Pier, arriving midday. Cost £150 per person. Kit. Suitable Clothing for... Read More

Jed Pearson Writes

On the Mud at Gillingham Pier We were all hugely relieved recently when we were able to finally get one group of young carers away on a successful sail on Cambria after 2 false starts in 2013 when bad weather stopped play twice for the same group. We are, as you know, a motor-less barge so completely reliant on the sails, and therefore sensible winds, to move us about, and if the assigned Skipper on the day decides that it is not safe to sail, then... Read More

Movements update

Cambria drifts aft from Gillingham Pier on the dolly line. Picture by Dave Brooks. The following update on Cambria’s movements comes from Dave Brooks. We must also thank Dave for this lovely pic of Cambria leaving Gillingham Pier under sail power. The barge is here being allowed to drift aft on the tide while the dolly line, controlled by those new-start sail trainees from Rotary Club, keep the bow on station. When the bow has cleared the pier... Read More

Medway Match and Faversham Nautical Festival

aI am trusting that you have the following dates firmly written into diaries. First up, THIS SATURDAY the 18th, the 2013 Medway Barge Match. There are some more details on the website http://www.repertor.com/match-dates.php but for now, MEDWAY BARGE MATCH — from and to Chatham · Sail 0800 · Start at Gillingham Pier, downriver to Garrison Point, out into the Estuary, to the Medway Buoy and back · Return 1600 There is loads more now on this... Read More

In Safe Hands

Reggie Andrews, 3rd Hand; picture by Denis Johnson. I hear from a variety of sources that the Cambria Team are currently well pleased with the three guys who have become our regular crew. Obviously we know from past experience of the Skipper Ian Ruffles and First Mate Denis Johnson but we now have a brilliant new-ish recruit as 3rd Hand, Reggie Andrews. These guys all work together really well and we have some recent pictures of examples of this.... Read More

Shake-down Sailing

Winch drum assembly; Picture by Dave Brooks As promised a while back, a shot of those winch drums built by our Master Shipwright, Tim Goldsack and now installed in their axles/bearings in the main mast case (tabernacle). For fast but harder-work straight-through winching of lighter stuff you wind your rope round the upper drum and crank away. For heavier work where you want a bit of mechanical advantage from the gearing down (looks like about 2:1... Read More

Cambria Watch!

This is rather fun. Cambria is currently off on Charter with the Sea Change Sailing Trust (see also our link from the ‘Useful Links’ tab on this website) which would normally mean that we volunteers would stop hearing about her for a while. But this time, First Mate Hilary Halajko has agreed with Dave B that she will text progress reports when she gets a few minutes in what are generally very long busy days training and keeping safe all... Read More