Purifier’s Progress

Future barge loading/unloading door in Faversham’s Purifier Building; Picture from Faversham Creek Trust’s website. In what is now becoming known as Purifier’s Progress, the Faversham Creek Trust website has the latest progress report on the renovation of Faversham Creek’s old Purifier Building (off the Morrison’s car-park) for their Maritime Trades and Apprentice Training centre. This is on http://favershamcreektrust.com/2012/11/10/purifiers-progress/... Read More

Arrival At Faversham (Video)

Mike Maloney, friend of Cambria maker of the “Red Sails” and “Sideways Launch” films has now posted on You-tube, a sequence of Cambria’s first arrival at Faversham back in 2007 just prior to the start of restoration. Posted under the banner “Cambria Arrives at Faversham” it’s made by the same team at Countrywide Productions. It shows the final tugging and shoving by the tugboat Jester, features Project Manager William Collard wandering... Read More