More Chaff Cutters

Chaff-cutter in basement; Photo by Greta Clarkson on mobile phone. Interesting that we were only talking about chaff cutter wheels yesterday and another one comes to light. I know that the same blacksmiths could have been making the wheels for the actual chaff-cutters (the farm implement) as were creating the metalwork for barges but this one is in an old Post Office. A friend has recently bought a lovely ‘period’ house in Boughton High... Read More

A Miniature Chaff-Cutter

With the hull and major components now in place, our in-house modelling team of Dave and Tony Brooks are now getting down to details of deck furniture and so on. Dave takes up the story from the 22nd November. ” Chaff cutter wheel in miniature. Model by Tony and Dave Brooks, Picture by DB When we had finished last week Dad suggested that he would attempt to create a chaff cutter wheel.  I knew he wasn’t really looking forward to it and had... Read More