Dave McCabe and Vigilant

Friend and Face-book Fiend Annie Meadows high lights a nice piece of video available from BBC News covering the rebuild of SB Vigilant down in the South West by boat builder Dave McCabe. It’s on  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-21525933 if you fancy a look. It’s only a few minutes long but shows some nice rebuild shots. It even includes some clinking pawls (and regular readers will know how much I love that noise!). Dave says that... Read More

Griff Presents…..

Griff Rhys Jones presents trophies at Thames Match 2012, here to Richard Tichener, Skipper of Cambria; photo by Dave Brooks. In a nice touch at the Thames Barge Match after-race celebrations, the trophies were presented by Griff Rhys-Jones. This pic is our man Richard Tichener collecting some of Cambria’s and sharing  joke with Griff, but I have also seen nice ones of Jeff Gransden (SB Edith May) A quick reminder of those lectures on board... Read More

Mighty Oak Brewing

Mighty Oak Brewing banner; Picture by Annie Meadows of SB Kitty Cambria turns dray-man! For a bit of fun, Sea Change Sailing Trust have linked up with Mighty Oak Brewing, the brewers of the “Captain Bob” brand of beer, which we have featured on this blog previously to make some deliveries from Maldon to coastal and waterways pubs. Annie Meadows of SB Kitty fame has managed to capture the spirit of the event in this picture which shows... Read More

Annie Meadows

Annie Meadows Pin Mill pic I was asked by a non-bargin’ chum the other day on Facebook what was the difference between a smack and a barge. I had no sooner answered him than this lovely picture hove into view which showed very well to the guy what I had just said. It was taken and posted by one Annie Meadows who turns out to be a Maldon local and associated with the SB Kitty. She was good enough to let me borrow the shot to use here, so thank... Read More