Note AGM Date 21st Feb 12 Noon

Undercover – Picture By Bruce Richardson Just in from Trust Chair Bruce Richardson, the notice and Agenda for the coming 2015 AGM – your chance to hold the Board to account for their decisions and running of the company up to now and to quiz them on any concerns you have. It is also the annual chance to see how we are doing financially and to hear about the operational plans for 2015. If you are concerned that it might be long, dry and... Read More

More Detail on that AGM

Basil Brambleby assists with lowering the gear. Picture by Maggs Kelly. I have some more detail around the AGM in January as follows. Annual General Meeting To be held on Saturday 18th January 2014 at 1200 At London River House, Royal Pier Road, Gravesend, DA12 2BE   AGENDA 1. Welcome and Apologies 2. Adoption of the Agenda 3. Approval of the Minutes of the 2013 AGM held on 21st April 2013 4. Chairman’s Report 5. Operations Manager’s Report 6.... Read More

Date for Your (2014) Diary

2013 gear down, Photo by Basil Brambleby Our gear is down. I have these nice pics from Boss of Volunteers Basil. You can see that the bowsprit is now inboard (left of pic), the mainm’st and topm’st are lowered within their tabernacle and propped aft by the main horse, while the mizzen mast drops forward and is leaning on a prop by the crab winch near the photographer. The smaller spars (mizzen gaff, mizzen boom and the tops’l headstick)... Read More

Notice of AGM

The New Cabin in Cambria’s hold under construction, Picture by Dave Brooks. From the Trust today comes notice of our AGM. This is your chance as a ‘stake holder’ in the barge and her goings on, to have your say in how she is run and what we are doing with her. You will also be able to meet and greet the Trust officials and hear reports on the Financial Situation and the state of play of Cambria (The Business). Boss of Volunteers,... Read More