The Cambria has been restored to it’s full glory and is available now for educational visits as well as day charters. Find out about the Restoration here.


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  1. len luckhurst says:


    I have tried without luck to take a closer look at the photo showing the deck being renovated. The picture is one of a series that flashes by on your home page. There is no pause button and if I dubble click on it there is no picture on the new page. Any suggestions. Otherwise a nice web site.

    Regards. Len Luckhurst. Stockhiolm. Sweden.

    PS. I have a large format soft cover book about the Cambria from a vist to Gillingham many many years ago. DS

    • matt_care says:

      Hi Len. I have some full size pics of the decks at roughly this stage. I will email you a selection. Hope fully my Irish broadband will cope. I may have to send them one at a time.

      Matt Care

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