Re Rigging

I am happy to report that the winter refit is now nearing completion and we are in the re-rigging phase. Dave Brooks sent the following report via e-mail.

Re-rigging Cambria in March 2013. Photo by Dave Brooks

Re-rigging Cambria in March 2013. With Ian, Reggie & Mark. Photo by Dave Brooks

“By now Cambria should be back at Standard Quay Faversham. It has been a frustrating period of time at Oare with the weather against us all the way. However Richard Weekes has done an amazing job and got paint on the entire hull below the covering boards. Also the shipwrights have been busy with the all important anti-fouling completed and the cabin and heating system well on the way. There are still jobs they need to complete which will be done at the quay.

We have very little time now before the barge goes on her first charter.

This weekend (16th and 17th March) we will continue with the re-rigging, mains’l and tops’l already bent on. It will be an interesting weekend as our sail-maker and Steve Hall and the famed Jimmy Lawrence are going to be down stitching the tiny burn holes in the mains’l as the mast is being raised. It is also planned to bend on the fores’l as the gear goes up. The weather isn’t expected to be great but there is still a lot of sanding down and painting to be done in the next fortnight. Also down below will need a lot of work sweeping up and washing down and possibly even some painting. The new cabin will require some paint.

Next weekend the mizzen will be re-instated which will leave the main hold free of her winter clutter. which means we will be able to have a good sort out down below. We are hoping to provide a chilli and rice meal as a Thank You for anybody who is able to turn up and help with the final push so that our barge goes out looking relatively ship shape.

Any time between now and the barge leaving that you can spare will be greatly appreciated”.

Meanwhile, from me, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day (Beannachtai na Féile Pádraig) and I will post some pictures of Jimmy and Steve at work as I get them from Dave.



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