September Charters

Today’s picture of Cambria battling through mountainous seas and lashed by a Force 8 comes from the lens of Phillip Barnes-Warden. Thank you for that, Phillip. The Barnes Warden family have made a very generous bequest to the Cambria Trust in the name of a recently departed, barge-related family member. I have added their name to the list of Sponsors under the ‘Funding’ tab. If you are aware of any other sponsors or donors who are not currently showing on this list please advise us.



Cambria becalmed during the Thames Match 2012: photo by Phillip Barnes Warden

With her racing season over, Cambria is now moored against the inside of Gravesend Pontoon being serviced and readied for her next job(s). It is the inside of the pontoon because the pontoon is shortly to be used as a dock for the Gravesend ferry and also the Waverley may be calling by. We are involved now in 4 short charters sponsored by the Rotary Club in the “Respite for Young Carers” programme. This is where youngsters who are tied up most of their lives caring for, for example, a blind or disabled family member, get a break sailing while the Rotary Club pays for a substitute carer to look after the family member. On these trips, Skipper will be Ian Ruffles, with Denis Johnson and Shipwright Ryan Dale as crew.


This brings us through to 23rd Sept when Cambria will move to the ‘wall’ at St Andrew’s Wharf in Gravesend for a week or so of mooring and being open to the public to look round. I’ll actually be there myself, living on board and meeting the public, so please come up an introduce yourself and be as rude as you like about this blog!

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